5 Ways to Travel the World For Free

If you love travelling, but your empty wallet stops you from taking more trips, this article is just for you!

You don’t need thousands of dollars to get yourself on the road. In fact, all you need is just a little originality, lots of enthusiasm, and some good ideas to get you started. 

Here are 5 original ways to satisfy your wanderlust without having to spend a lot of money. You can thank me later.

1. Rent out your home or house-swap with someone

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Have you ever seen the movie The Holiday?  If yes, you know exactly what I'm talking about. 

Renting our your home can be a great way to make a little cash to save for your next trip or vacation.  Just make sure to save those funds specifically travel and you'll have the money in no time!  You can also offer up your house for a house-swap with someone who may want to come to your area to visit (so you would go stay in their home, and they would stay in yours).  

Whichever you choose, staying in a house has many perks that will help you save money.  Things like a fully equipped kitchen, internet access, and more space to spread out!

To check out some options, check out Home for Exchange.

2. Couchsurf

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If you're adventurous and love meeting new people on your travels, couchsurfing can be an excellent idea. You'll be able to see the world, have an authentic experience, and hang out with the locals. 

Sound good? Then you'll want to check out couchsurfing.com to connect with a global community of travelers. This social networking site is focused on connecting travelers to stay with you or vice versa.

Not sure how you feel about couchsurfing?  First thing, that's completely understandable and it isn't for everyone. However, if you think you might be open to giving it a shot, you may be surprised at how easygoing it is. The thing to remember about couchsurfing is that it's different from staying in a free hostel and your host(s) will definitely vary (and probably affect your experience).  Also, couchsurfing doesn't necessarily mean you'll always be sleeping on a couch.  Some hosts offer private bedrooms and guest houses, while others can only provide an air mattress or sleeping bag, so flexbility is key!

3. House-sit

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You've probably already heard of pet-sitting, but how about house-sitting?

The idea is pretty much the same as pet-sitting, except instead of watching a pet, you watch over someone’s house while they're away - giving you the opportunity to visit places without having to pay for accommodation!

You'll probably be expected to walk the homeowner's dog, water their plants, run some errands and do some light chores.  After caring for the home, you'll have enough time to explore your surroundings and enjoy the area.

Dalene and Pete from Hecktic Travels have been house-sitting for years and started a blog to share their experience. They both agree that not only does house-sitting keep costs low, it also allows them to have an intimate experience in a new place with complete immersion in a local neighborhood.  

After reading through their blog, I'm excited to try house-sitting on my next trip! A few other great resources to learn about house-sitting are Trusted Housesitter, House Sitters America, and Mind My House.

4. Under 30? Get a working holiday visa!

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Many countries around the world offer opportunities for people under 30 to live and work for up to one year, so if you're just out of school, you could choose to visit Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, Norway, and other awesome locations.

By working while on holiday, you'll earn money as you go to cover expenses, and in some cases, even return home with some extra money in your pocket.

This is probably the easiest way to get a chance to travel, experience a new culture and earn money as you go. Check out Project Visa for more info.

5. Do volunteer work

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Volunteering on your next trip is a win-win situation; not only would you be giving back to the community, you'd also be creating great relationships with people and immersing yourself in local culture.  So while it doesn't necessarily pay, you'll save money by receiving room and board for free in exchange for helping.  Workaway and Helpx are great resources for finding these types of opportunities.  

Lastly, I wanted to share this cool video to show this guy's story.  I know that it's not possible for everyone to quit their jobs to travel the world, but you must admit - this is pretty cool.

Where would you travel to? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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