11 Things Only People With A Credit Card Would Know

Having a credit card is like involuntarily joining a club where not everyone knows each other, but they certainly have a lot in common. 

Here are some of those things:

1. The immediate depression when you realize you missed a payment

You're 3 days past due. Your entire life is ruined.

2. The death stare you get when you ask to split the bill 6 ways

They get the same amount for a tip - what's the big deal?

3. You become self-conscious about the card you're using

The hot bartender seemed into you. Until the guy with the Amex Platinum card arrived.

4. You get anxiety when you check your mailbox

All the trees killed for your junk mail. You are solely responsible for the destruction of the rain forest.

5. You're seriously considering never using an ATM ever again

You can learn 29 new hobbies in the time it takes to remember your PIN.

6. When your favorite website loses your credit card info, they are officially the worst company ever

No one treats you like that.  No one!

7. Nothing is more frustrating than credit card noobs

You get irrationally irate when the person in front of you doesn't understand how to use the credit card machine in the checkout line.

8. You only order takeout from Seamless or GrubHub

The fact that you can add a tip before you complete your purchase? Best. Thing. Ever.

9. You pretend to know your credit score

You're a wise, fiscally responsible adult. Thus 'Pretty Good' is an accurate number for your credit score.

10. Not remembering your online banking security question will destroy you

You picked the best answer to the security question that no one would understand. Not even you.

11. You always remember the last four digits of your credit card about 50% of the time

You know your credit card number by heart. Wait, was it a 4? Or a 6?

Comment below "Yes" or "No" if this is you! 

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