Can You Guess How Much Cash Is In This Stack?

Can you solve this Expert Level Challenge?

This enormous stack of cash was featured on the AMC TV Show Breaking Bad. Are you feeling lucky? Try to guess how much money is inside it!


The stack includes mix denomiations of $20, $50 and $100 dollar bills. The show never revealed how much the stack was worth but you can make a good calculation to solve it.


Let's decide to base our calculation on the width and height of the stack. Based on the images from the show, the estimated height of the actors and the size of the bundles, we could conclude that the stack is about 8 feet long, 5 feet wide and 2.5 feet high.

Looking at the height, I'd say there are about 60 bundles of cash within those 2.5 feet.

8 feet * 5 feet * 60 bundles = 2,400 bundles

That is a lot of cash! Each bundle looks about 1/2 inch thick which makes me conclude there are 100 bills in each bundle. So if each bundle was only $100 bills, each bundle would be equal to $10,000.

2,400 bundles at $10,000 each = $24,000,000! But alas, we know there are also $20 and $50 bundles in the mix.

Let's say we just look at the top of the stack and assume the proportion of $20 vs. $50 vs. $100 bundles are equal throughout the whole stack.


The screenshot from the video shows 71 bundles. The breakdown: 52 bundles are $50s, 10 bundles are $20s, and 9 bundles are $100s. That means 73% $50s, 14% $20s and about 13% $100s.


So let's do the math:
$20s: 14% of 2,400 bundles = 336 $20 bundles. If each bundle has $2,000 in it, that's $672,000.
$50s: 73% of 2,400 bundles = 1752 $50 bundles. If each bundle has $5,000 in it, that's $8,760,000.
$100s: 13% of 2,400 bundles = 312 $100 bundles. If each bundle has $10,000 in it, that's $3,120,000.

$672K + $8.76M + $3.12M = $12.55 MILLION!

Good lord that's a lot of money.

Update: Others claim the pile is worth $80 million or more, we used the assumptions above about the mix of bill values.

Clearly they aren't all $100 bills which other websites used in their calculations. Plus even show creator Vince Gilligan said he doubted Walter White could make that much money so quickly!

What did you guess? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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